Who we are

We both grew up in the same seaside town in Sussex. Previously we worked as volunteers for the BMS in South India and more lately after having children we joined Wycliffe and moved to East Africa to work with Sudanese language teams.

Where we are

We currently live close to High Wycombe.

What we do

Andy works in the IT department in the UK office and does all things computing and technical. He also carries out ad-hoc project work and consultancy for several overseas branches. He gets a buzz from using his God-given gifts in novel ways to get the Bible into the hands of those who need it in a language they understand. He travels when he can to support technical training and infrastructure in a variety of countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Andy also supports new people as they join Wycliffe and prepare to work overseas.

Jackie is currently on leave of absence from Wycliffe while she works in our church as a pastor in charge of pastoral care whilst training for Baptist Ministry in Oxford. She has a variety of skills including being an accredited counsellor. She uses that training to support members of the congregation and some in the wider community, as well being part of the management team and preaching occasionally.

In our very different skill sets and roles we both desire to see people come to know Jesus personally and for their lives to changed by him.

We would like to hear from you if you would like to know more about our work and lives. You can join our wider group of people who pray for us regularly and/or become part of our financial support. Both are vital to the work we do and enable us to keep going in what we believe God has called us to.