Who we are

We've worked in Manila, The Philippines and in N'Djamena, Chad prior to returning to Edinburgh.

Where we are

We live and work in Edinburgh, working with others in our respective teams who are spread out around the world.

What we do

David provides support to linguists and translators when they encounter problems with specialised linguistic software. Resolving a problem by email means that a linguist or translator can continue their work immediately. Sometimes the alternative is to travel to find help, causing a delay. David also teaches students to use the software at the School of Language and Scripture.

Evelyn is the Member Care Assistant for Wycliffe in Scotland. Her role is to meet with members when they are on home leave or health leave and with those who are remotely assigned and those who have retired in Scotland. She also fosters opportunities throughout the year for members in Scotland to come together for fellowship.

We hope that, through the skills God has given us, we’ll see many people come to know God through his word in their own language.