Where we are

We are currently based in Gloucester, UK.

What we do

Matt and Liz are part of Wycliffe's core team based at the School of Language and Scripture, working to prepare Wycliffe and other mission agencies' staff for work with minority communities overseas. In particular Matt is involved in teaching postgraduate literacy programme development and has a real interest in locating literacy and education work within the wider overseas development context. Preparing people well to live and serve cross-culturally is a significant part of Wycliffe’s work. In a recent newsletter, Matt said this about his work:

‘[It is] a real privilege to learn about the students' lives up to now, to hear how God has brought them to this point and to be involved in preparing them for the next part of their work.’

When not teaching, Matt also works with a team based in Southeast Asiawhere he is responsible for organising learning events that bring together Wycliffe and partner agencies' staff. Many of these individuals work in isolated and technically challenging situations, and so providing opportunities for them to share experiences, successes and challenges - as well as learn new skills together - is invaluable to their effectiveness and personal wellbeing. To get a flavour of the events Matt is responsible for, read more stories from LEAD Asia.

Matt and Liz started their work with Wycliffe as literacy specialists within a 9-language cluster project in Tanzania, East Africa. You can find out more about that work here, or read Matt and Liz's blog.