Who we are

Peter has lived around the UK (Scotland, England and Wales) and Hilary is from the north east of England. We have two children, Jonathan and Shoana.

Where we are

We are based at the Wycliffe Bible Translators office near High Wycombe. Before that we worked for 14 years in South Asia.

What we do

Peter is a computer specialist. He works in the IT department supporting the office staff and overseas workers who visit the office. He will also continue to provide support for folks in South Asia.

Peter has had the privilege of being involved with several translation projects as IT support during his time in South Asia. This involvement has been quite varied and included removing viruses, network support, typesetting, software installation, language software support, and email support.

Hilary is part of the Wycliffe personnel team. She supports about 60 members, helping them with administration, home leave and checking how they are doing.