Who I am

I'm Rebekah. When in England, I split my time between Cambridge and Hampshire. Before joining Wycliffe I studied Classics and had various jobs, mainly working with children.

Where I am

I live in Musoma, beside Lake Victoria, in northwest Tanzania.

What I do

I work with the Mara Cluster Project, a large team of 40+ people, which serves 8 language communities in the surrounding region. I'm part of the linguistics department, working mainly with the Kabwa and Simbiti languages. My role includes:

  • Working with the translation team to sort out issues in the orthographies of the languages (an orthography is the writing system of a language, how it is written down; there are currently only trial orthographies for many of the languages here);
  • Checking the spelling of any materials that are written in the languages: literacy and Bible use resources, as well as parts of Scripture that are translated;
  • Carrying out language research to increase our understanding of these languages, as well as collecting words in the languages to assemble dictionaries.

Please pray that people in the Mara region would be drawn to God through hearing his word in their mother tongues, that they would come to know Christ as the Lord of their lives, and that their lives would be transformed!

It touches our hearts like Swahili doesn’t. We know the meaning of the Swahili words, but only from school and work. They aren’t deep words to us, they don’t go inside us like Zanaki words do. – retired Zanaki-speaking pastor, Tanzania. (Read the full story on thetask.net)

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