Who we are

Sue and her husband Eddie come from the north of England.  

We met at Bath University where we were both students. We have two grown up sons, David and Sam, and are owned by a springer spaniel!

Where we are

We are based in West Yorkshire, UK.

What we do

Sue is a translation consultant. Two or three times a year she goes out to Madagascar where she helps to train and equip local translators who are working on the gospels in a variety of local languages.

Eddie is in a study program looking at how the theology of mission agencies affects the work they do. He also gives time to help Wycliffe, other mission agencies and churches think through the best way to engage in mission in a changing world.

Our roles involve a lot of travel and a lot of time apart, but it is an amazing privilege to see God at work through his word and to be allowed to have a part in what he is doing.