Who we are

Tim, Ali and Dan (aged 10) are a family of three missionary kids. Tim spent time in Papua New Guinea as a child, Ali in Ghana, and now we have introduced our son to the life of a missionary kid in Nigeria!

Where we are

We are in Jos, central Nigeria. It’s not perhaps a place that conjures up images of a cosy home life, but we love living here and feel very much at home.

What we do

Tim is the operations director for the office in Nigeria. This means that he is responsible for the teams that provide the finance, IT, project funding and facilities management services. This role ensures that everyone else can do their jobs efficiently! It is a demanding role but really suits Tim’s great organisational and strategic thinking skills.

Ali helps to manage information about the 500+ languages spoken in Nigeria and the 180 language projects run by different organisations there. She also encourages and facilitates archiving and web publishing the products of language work (such as an audio recording of the Gospel of Luke in a local language or a book to help adults learn to read in their own language).

With 250+ projects in Nigeria still needing to be started, there is plenty we can do to help!