Who we are

We are Tony and Maggie Canvin. We have two daughters, Esther and Hannah, both of whom are married with families.

Where we are

We are based in Sussex in the UK, but work with teams across Europe.

What we do

We have been Wycliffe members for 30 years and have worked in the Gambia and Mali in West Africa, as well as spending many years teaching linguistics in the UK training programme. In 2011 we accepted the challenge of working in a totally different area, heading up the Roma (gypsy) work in Europe (as group director and member care facilitator). We found we could draw on our previous experiences to lead this team of enthusiastic translators and Bible use workers.

As the director of the group, Tony worked with the teams, talking to them each week and visiting them regularly in their locations. We currently have teams in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary and they are translating into two languages and adapting those translations into other dialects.

After four years of leading the Roma team, and having helped develop the leadership team so that country team leaders now take responsibility for guiding the work in their areas, we have stepped back from the director role. We are now in a pastoral care role – still caring for the teams – which continues to involve regular Skype calls and visits to the teams in their locations.

Maggie is continuing with her academic research for the Roma team and still helps the Nigeria survey team occasionally alongside other writing and editing.

Shortly after joining the team in 2011, Tony attended the dedication of the newly published Sinte-Romanes New Testament in Germany. This New Testament is having a big effect on the Sinte people in Germany and further afield. The New Testament has now been reprinted together with several recently translated Old Testament books. (The Sinte translation is continuing under a partner organisation.)