Burkina Faso is a land-locked country of the Sahel region of Africa and one of the world’s poorest countries. Its official language is French. Subsistence agriculture is the main occupation in the Bissa area which is in the south of the country, bordering Ghana and Togo.

Fact file

  • Country: Burkina Faso
  • Speakers: 80,000
  • Start date: 2011
  • Projected end date: 2020

At the start of the project there were no Scriptures available in Bissa Barka. The Bible has been translated into Bissa Lebir, a related language. The two Bissa Barka translators are adapting their translation from this related version. The small Christian community is keen to have the Bible in Bissa Barka to strengthen the churches and to lessen the misunderstandings which frequently occur when people hear the Bible in another language.

As well as translating the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the team have been working on compiling a dictionary, producing educational booklets and writing a guide to how the language is written.

We currently only have one church supporting this project, and are keen to widen its support base and increase the number of people praying for it.

A Bissa Barka village
Grinding flour

Project goals

  • to translate the New Testament into Bissa Barka
  • to train a national team to continue with Old Testament translation or to use their skills to serve other languages who also do not have the Scriptures
  • to see evidence of the impact of the Scriptures on church growth, on increased attendance at church activities, and a noticeable transformation in beliefs and practices, as traditional religions lose their grip and believers truly find their freedom in Christ

Opportunities and challenges

  • many pastors and church leaders visit the translation office regularly; they are impatient to have Bissa Barka Scriptures
  • the two translators have been able to attend several workshops to learn new skills
  • Bissa Barka literacy classes have recently begun, and are helping people to be able to engage with the newly-translated Scriptures

Prayer points

  • praise God for the progress of the work of translation
  • praise God for good health and his protection over the team members and their families
  • praise God for the good start to literacy work among the Bissa Barka people
  • pray for many Bissa Barka people to put their trust in Christ
September 2019


The Bissa Barka team are making their way through the New Testament with the hope it will help the Bissa Barka people come to know Jesus as they see he speaks their language. Along with translation, the focus is also on encouraging churches and individuals to engage with Scripture.

With Mark and John published, eight more books at final checking stage and another 2,050 verses drafted, huge progress has been made, but the work continues. Over the last few months the team has been working hard on:

  • final checking of Colossians, Ephesians, 2 Corinthians and Acts
  • initial drafting of Titus, Philemon, James and Revelation
  • broadcasting Scripture over the local radio
  • continuing with literacy classes expanding the Bissa Barka dictionary.

‘Faithful’ translation

In June, the final checks of Colossians and Ephesians were made. This involved two translators, two translation consultants and another local language speaker, to represent the community, making sure the text made sense and stayed faithful to the original text.

In many languages words can have multiple meanings depending on the context. It is this intricacy which led to the Bissa Barka team grappling with the word ‘faithful’, which they found could not simply be translated word for word. When used in the context of a faithful servant, the verb ‘follow’ (the rules) is used, but when applied to being faithful in words, in the case of a promise for example, the more unusual and poetic expression ‘walking in the footsteps of your mouth’ is used.

Through these checks, as well as the text being improved, so too was the translator’s own understanding. Pastor Tembone Thomas, Bissa Barka translator, expressed that:

‘These translations give me a clearer and more natural understanding of these books when I read them. Indeed, I understand them better than French translations. I thank God for… these beautiful biblical translations.’

Local church baptism of Josias

Local churches

Over the many years of working with the Bissa Barka community, the team has built up good connections with local churches, which regularly encourage the team by praying and visiting.

A growing number of churches of various different demonations are using Bissa Barka Scripture in their services. One local Catholic church leader, Yigo Lazara, described his church’s reaction:


‘The brethren do appreciate it very much as it touches their hearts, and they want us to do all the Sunday’s services in Bissa Barka.’

Mrs Diessengo, a leader of the Sankanse Assemblies of God Church, never thought she would see Scripture in her own language, but today she rejoices that that she has been proved wrong:

‘It has been a joy for me to read the Scripture portions in my heart language. Praise be to God!’

The team has also been encouraged to see local churches grow and more people coming to know the Lord.

Finding Jesus through literacy

Many Bissa Barka children cannot read or write because few can afford to attend school. In response to this need, the team provide a variety of classes to both children and adults.

As people develop their reading and writing skills, they can then read and engage with Scripture more easily in their own language.

Following a recent visit to the literacy centres, one learner, Moné, shared with joy how interesting the classes were and that he is now able to read stories about Jesus. These classes continue to go well, with almost all students in the last year progressing to the next level.

Travel difficulties

Continuing instability in the Bissa Barka region has led to the team having to overcome difficult travelling conditions.

On some occasions the team has to travel more than 100km by motorbike to meet with revision committees along risky roads where the threat of terrorism remains. These threats also lay a psychological and economical burden on the team and the communities they travel to.

Praise and prayer

Give thanks for:

  • God’s continued protection over the Bissa Barka team and their families
  • translation progress remaining on track
  • the growth of local churches and the connections the team has with them
  • literacy classes flourishing and enabling more people to read the good news of Jesus.

Please pray for:

  • protection during the rainy season and provision from a good harvest
  • God to raise up servants among the Bissa Barka people to join his work
  • peace and safety across the region as they continue to face terrorist threats
  • salvation for the Bissa Barka people.


March 2019

Faith through hearing

It is with great joy that the team has been receiving testimonies of how radio broadcasting of Scripture has been blessing Christians in the community, helping them to grow in their faith. Each week the Scripture engagement team broadcast newly translated Scriptures and language songs on the local radio for an hour. They have been reminded of the importance of listening to Scripture:

Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ. – Romans 10:17

The recent impact

Below is a snapshot of the progress that has been made over the last few months:

Bissa translator using translation software
  • John's Gospel ready for publication
  • back translation and consultant checking of Galatians complete
  • team able to attend workshop where they acquired a deeper understanding of the book of Romans, which is now drafted
  • village checking of 1 and 2 Corinthians
  • five new literacy teachers trained

Personal impact

Local community member Mr Shiya Goumbané was challenged when he heard the story of the sower in Bissa Barka for the first time during a translation checking session he was assisting with. He knew the story already, but his understanding grew as he was able to read it in his own language for the first time, and it enlightened his spirit more than ever before. He shared the importance of this:

The word of God translated into one’s mother tongue is more understandable than in any other languages as it is the language of your heart.

Mrs Marie Kere is a pastor’s wife who interprets when her husband is preaching. Marie testifies that translated Scriptures that have been published by the team help her to understand key terms and enable her to share more about Jesus with her fellow Bissa Barka speakers.

Project challenges

Everyday life, as well as growing instability in the region, has led to the team needing to overcome big challenges over the last few months, making your support even more vital.

  • Pastor Bambara, the project coordinator, fell and broke his leg.
  • Community testing of Acts was delayed because it was the rainy season.
  • The threat of terrorism in the area has led to unrest and is likely to impact travel for the translation consultants.
Bissa Barka literacy class attendee

Thirsty for more

The literacy coordinator, Mr Innocent Goumbane, has recently been encouraged by several Bissa Barka speaking communities approaching him with a request for literacy classes to be set up in their locality:

People are thirsty for something in their own language.

Running literacy programmes alongside translation is key to engaging communities and showing their language is valued. The programme helps the Bissa Barka speakers to be literate in their own language and gives them a chance to read the available portions of Scripture whilst waiting for the completion of the whole Bible.

He asks that we pray for the provision of resources to meet the communities’ needs.

Praise and prayer

Give thanks for:

  • how people are increasingly keen to learn about God now that Scripture portions are being published and broadcast
  • the significant progress that has been made in recent months in translating and checking Scriptures
  • God’s unfailing support and wisdom given to the Bissa Barka team

Please pray for:

  • unrest in the area to settle down so that the team can travel freely and remain safe
  • the provision of resources to enable more literacy classes to be established
  • the Holy Spirit to be at work as the Bissa Barka people read God's word, so that lives are changed.
July‚ÄďAugust 2018

Recent progress

The consultant checking of John, and the revisions of Galatians, Ephesians and Colossians, have been done. Translation, checking and back translation of 1 and 2 Corinthians is in progress, and the team is working on the first draft of Romans, which will be ready for testing and revision next year

Bissa Barka woman reading
A Bissa Barka woman reads from a syllabary (a type of alphabet)

Another workshop on app reading was held to help participants to be able to listen to the translated Gospel of Mark, which was recorded and distributed via Bluetooth. In total, 400 copies of Mark were printed and distributed. In addition, there were two workshops on translating the JESUS Film into Bissa Barka. Meanwhile, the publication of literacy materials was completed, and the literacy coordinator toured the country to deliver the materials.

There have also been excellent results from the literacy training, with last year’s classes showing a 100% success rate for at least one district. Literacy sessions are ongoing, with eight literacy classes in progress, and plans to open new literacy centres later this year. The team is also considering producing written materials for a children’s ministry with its partners, and plans to print existing materials in French for use in the Sunday school for now.

Personal stories

The Bissa Barka people are very keen on literacy, and avidly read any translated document. One man, Issoufrou, was so interested that he enrolled in a narrative discourse workshop at his own expense.

Another man, a catechist named Christophe, came to ask for some of the literacy documents so he can teach other church members. Although the majority of the learners in the literacy class are Muslims, they said, ‘Despite the contents of the syllabary being Christian-based, we shall use it to learn because it is our language.‘

Bissa Barka class
A Bissa Barka literacy class in progress

Praise and prayer

Give thanks for:

  • God’s help with the work done this year,
  • especially for his help while travelling
  • the team’s partners’ vision to work together to start a children’s ministry.

Pray for:

  • the salvation of the Bissa Barka people
  • the members of the translation team, that God would give them courage, strength and good health for the work
  • the healing of Cécile (the project manager’s daughter) who suffers from bone necrosis, also for success in her exams, and for a safe pregnancy for his other daughter
  • the vision for the Bissa children’s ministry
  • God’s assistance and support for the work during the rest of 2018.
June 2017

The team has now completed the first draft of John’s gospel, and are working on Acts. In addition, they are having a big push on literacy, opening three new classes and re-starting two old ones. This has already resulted in over 120 people being enrolled in literacy classes. Their testimonies give a fascinating insight into the value of this work:

‘I am a tailor but I have never been to school. I took measures mechanically by looking at the figures, it was only during the literacy class I realised what really matched these numbers. I am going every day for literacy teaching. Thank you very much for this initiative.’

‘I feel comfortable in the literacy class because what we learn is in Bissa Barka, my own language.’

‘I give thanks to God for the opening of this class here at Wambako [a Bissa Barka village]. The impact is already evident. Four of the learners began to read during the Easter celebrations. Many have the desire to read in the church and they are just waiting for the opportunity to do it.’

The literacy class
The literacy class

Praise God:

  • for his hand on the work
  • for good communication between and involvement from different partners in the project
  • for all the work the team have been able to accomplish

Please pray:

  • for the security of the country, which continues to be a victim of terrorist attacks
  • for competent and committed people to join the translation committee
  • for the members of the translation team; that the Lord will give them courage, strength and good health for the work
  • for the salvation of Bissa Barka people