This project will fund the training of Wycliffe Togo staff members on the i-DELTA programme, which is based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. This programme combines two months per year of residential lectures with distance learning through the rest of the year, in Bible translation, literacy and Scripture use.

Fact file

  • Country: Togo
  • Languages: 40
  • Start date: 2016
  • Projected end date: 2019

Wycliffe Togo is keen to increase its capacity to meet the Bible translation needs of the 40 languages in Togo. Over recent years, the Church in Togo has engaged with the work of Bible translation, identifying staff and volunteers who are committed to serve. Training these new recruits is of vital importance.

Profiles of current students

Rosine Agrippa

Training and Scripture Use: Rosine

Rosine is studying for a degree in Scripture Engagement. After graduating from university, Rosine was involved in the ministry of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), and invited a Wycliffe Togo speaker to come along to speak to the students. She herself was challenged by his presentation, and got involved in prayer for and supporting Bible translation. Several years later, when praying for God’s direction in her life, she became convinced that she should be involved in helping different language groups in her country to access God’s word. She used her skills in art and cartoon-designing to encourage churches to use the Bible more, and later felt she would like to receive training so she could do this even better. She was excited that her husband Jérémie, whom she married in January 2017, became interested in the work of Bible translation and now shares her vision; they are enjoying serving God together in this ministry.

Jérémie Blagogée-Hefonu

Training and Scripture Use: Jérémie

Jérémie, a singer and actor, is studying for a degree in Scripture Engagement. After he became a follower of Christ, Jérémie was moved by the vision of using his talent to promote the Bible through the cinema, and in the languages of his country. He was delighted to find out about the existence of Wycliffe Togo in January 2016, and is happy to share the same calling from God with his wife Rosine.

Project goals:

  • to train Wycliffe Togo staff members in Bible translation and Scripture use
  • to empower language communities and churches to be more effective in Bible translation related ministries.

Prayer points:

  • for wisdom and perseverance for Rosine and Jérémie in their studies
  • for those in Wycliffe Togo who are planning the strategy of the work; how to use these staff members, and who else to train in future
  • for the newly married Rosine and Jérémie to keep God at the centre of their marriage and their work.
August 2018

‘Our eyes lit up for God’

Jérémie and Rosine enthusiastically reported on their two-month residential training: ‘The second session of i-DELTA is the year of deliverance! We saw chains broken and falling off; our eyes lit up for God, and our love for his word increased.

‘This year, we made a grammar sketch of our mother tongues, and many students discovered the hidden riches of the African languages. The richness of Ewe was a great discovery. The translation experiments allowed us to dig into our cultures and languages to find the right way of doing or saying. Translating poetic texts into mother tongues was quite exhilarating!

Rosine cutting a cake
Rosine cutting a cake
Jérémie and Rosine celebrating
Jérémie and Rosine celebrating with other i-DELTA students

‘We learned the Greek alphabet, which enabled us (thanks to Paratext [translation software]) to have a fair idea of the words and expressions used in the New Testament. Working closely with the source texts of the New Testament made me understand that the Ewe Bible can be improved.’

The Trauma Healing course was ‘probably the most practical to our life as a couple’, says Jérémie, who began a personal healing work for himself and then with his wife, which brought great healing behind the scenes. Rosine said the course enabled her ‘rebirth as a woman’, and brought a greater level of trust to their marriage, ‘that will be difficult to break as it is based on the love God has for us’.

To celebrate completing the residential section of their training, Jérémie, Rosine and the students had farewell parties, games and dances.

Praise and prayer

Give thanks for:

  • all that Jérémie and Rosine have received from the training course so far, and how it has inflamed their love for God and his word
  • the way the Trauma Healing course has built trust and understanding in their marriage
  • Rosine’s improved health since last year.

Pray for:

  • God’s healing of Rosine’s asthma and other allergies, and for good health for both of them
  • God to open doors for Jérémie and Rosine to share what they have received from i-DELTA so far, and for grace to finish their training this year
  • more resources to back up Scripture Engagement and other ongoing activities
  • God’s guidance for a translation project they can become involved with
  • God to raise up people who will commit to supporting them in prayer and financially as they step out in faith to begin missionary work.
December 2017

Putting lessons into practice …

Training and Scripture Use: Wedding
Jérémie and Rosine on their wedding day

Since returning from their honeymoon, Jérémie and Rosine have been engaged in a number of different activities in Lomé and the surrounding towns.

The Jesus Messiah Picture Book, which tells the story of the life of Jesus from the four gospels, has been translated into a number of local Togolese languages. In March Jérémie and Rosine were involved in training church leaders and children’s workers to use the newly available translation in Ewe. In July they were given the responsibility for organising a similar workshop in Tsévié, a city about 35km away from Lomé. At another workshop in August, Rosine encouraged the course participants to act out the stories they were telling from the book, which added a dimension that they will be able to use with their own groups.

Jérémie and Rosine have also been trying to encourage increased engagement of local churches in supporting and using translated Bibles.

From October to December Jérémie and Rosine have been back in Yaoundé for further studies on the i-DELTA programme.

Give thanks for:

  • the increased responsibility that Jérémie and Rosine are taking on as they gain experience
  • the opportunity to attend a spiritual retreat in June when they were able to share something of what they have been learning at i-DELTA

Pray for:

  • people to make use of the Jesus Messiah Picture Book in their local communities
  • clear understanding and retentive memories as Jérémie and Rosine attend classes on the i-DELTA programme
  • people to partner with, pray for and support Jérémie and Rosine in their ministry