Bible translation

Children smiling in the streetWe work to make the Bible available in languages all over the world.

For a previously unwritten language, this means researching the structure of the language and designing the orthography and alphabet before anything else. Once a writing system has been developed and people are happy with it, teams move on to actual Bible translation.

The books of the Bible are translated very carefully, often starting with the Gospel of Mark. Specially trained volunteers from overseas work with local mother-tongue experts and do their utmost to produce a clear, accurate, natural-sounding final product that will communicate God’s love in their heart language.

Each book is reviewed and re-reviewed, checked and re-checked before printing. For primarily oral cultures, audio Scriptures are often produced, sometimes alongside and sometimes instead of written versions. A full Bible translation can take over 20-30 years to complete. Prayer and financial partners around the world are vital.

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