What, no salary?

Man in church listeningSo where does the money come from?

You may have noticed that almost all of Wycliffe's mission opportunities are 'non-salaried'. This may sound daunting, but worldwide there are approximately 7,000 Wycliffe members who do not receive a salary from Wycliffe. Despite the more obvious dangers from tropical diseases etc, the need to raise personal support remains the major reason why initial interest does not result in actual involvement.

So how does it work?

To put it simply, God is faithful. The God who inspires people to join in this work has also inspired people to support them. This may mean that they contribute financially, but it can often mean that they pray or even write the occasional email or letter of encouragement.

Why do so many mission agencies run a personal support system?

1. It works.

Our experience over many years is that lack of financial support has only very rarely prevented people from going overseas. Raising support can start out as a real challenge, only to turn into a faith-building adventure as God provides, often from unexpected sources. To quote one Wycliffe member: "I've been amazed and encouraged at the range of people who've offered their financial support. Praise God, and thank you too!"

2. It's what most churches prefer.

On taking a poll of a large number of churches who had no previous contact with Wycliffe, we asked them about their preferred method of supporting mission. And what came top of the list? Supporting a member of their own fellowship! Financial support often grows out of relationships, and many churches and individuals prefer to support someone they already know well.

3. It's biblical!

We are all called to be generous givers, and promised God's blessing when we do so. Just think, churches and Christian friends all have the opportunity to be part of this adventure with God, either by going themselves, or by supporting someone who is! Of course this isn't the only Biblical model for Christian service and we'll admit it's not always easy. But the fact is that God has met our needs and you can see His faithfulness in action by giving or going yourself. By helping support a Wycliffe UK member you can become a vital partner in spreading God's word. Give to a member you know securely online now!

One way to get help:

Wycliffe is very happy to recommend a series of fundraising workshops entitled Funding the Family Business. These are run by Myles Wilson who has spent many years training some of the UK's major Christian organisations. Visit www.ftfb.org, which includes testimonials.