Bible translation is all about partnership. Partnership between individuals and churches, trainers and trainees, nationals and expatriates.

In any language project a vast number of different people with different skills are required. Find out more about the life of a language project to see how these different roles come together to form a project. Whatever your skills and interests, there is a part for you on the Bible translation team.

Literacy workerLanguage-related roles

In each Bible translation project there are language-related roles, such as

For these, following acceptance with Wycliffe, you would be trained at the Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy based at Redcliffe College, Gloucester. Find out more about how to get involved in this way here.

Non-language roles

There are also many other non-language roles, both in translation projects and Teacherremotely in other logistics roles, including:

For these, you will use your existing skills and experience, with additional cross-cultural and vocational training given depending on what you'll be doing and where. Find out more about how to get involved short or mid-term.

Don't feel called to live overseas?

We have two office locations in the UK - High Wycombe and Belfast - with many departments... finance, personnel, IT, church liaison, fundraising, marketing, training, etc.

We need volunteers who can give their time and skills to help ensure the work worldwide is able to continue smoothly. We also need volunteers across the UK to help share about God's mission of Bible translation with the UK church. Some specific vacancies are searchable on our vacancies pages but some may not be listed. If you are normally based in the UK, please contact us if you are interested in volunteering with us here in the UK.

Latest Vacancies

You've seen the various roles in Wycliffe. Now check out some examples of current vacancies, both in the UK and overseas.