Thank you for your support for the work of Bible translation around the world.

We value your partnership deeply. It plays a vital role in Wycliffe’s work to enable the 1.5 billion people without the Bible in their language to be able to know God through his word.

We seek to serve you through ensuring your personal data is protected and this privacy policy outlines in detail below our commitment to you.

It can be summarised in two ways:

  • Your privacy matters to us – we never share your information with other organisations for their marketing purposes.
  • You are in control of how your information is used – you can change your preferences, or opt out from communications, at any time.

We always welcome your questions and comments. Please contact us on or call 0300 303 1111.

Thank you again for your partnership in this work.

About us

Wycliffe UK Ltd, also known as Wycliffe Bible Translators, is a charity registered in England and Wales (number 251233) and in Scotland (number SC039140), and a company registered in England and Wales (number 819788). Our registered office is: Wycliffe UK Ltd, CMS House, Watlington Road, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 6BZ.

In this policy, ‘us’, ‘we’ and ‘our’ refer to Wycliffe UK Ltd.

Information we collect about you

Personal information is data that may be used to identify you. We collect this in the following ways:

  • When you share information with us directly: for example, when you send us an email, make a donation, visit our website, subscribe to a mailing list, take part in an event, interact with us on social media, or where we have a face to face relationship with you.
  • When you share information with us indirectly: for example, when you use a third party (such as an online fundraising platform, or one of our members) to make a donation to us or to update your contact details; or when you use social media or messaging services to communicate with us with privacy settings set to reveal this information.

We may also receive information about you from publicly available sources (see ‘How we use your information’ below).

The information we hold may include some or all of the following:

  • Your name and preferred title
  • Your contact details: postal address, email address, phone number
  • Your date of birth, to ensure we send you age appropriate materials (for example, so that we do not send fundraising material to children) and for safeguarding purposes at events
  • Your denomination or church
  • Records of correspondence with you
  • Details of events you have attended or resources we have sent you.

If you make a donation, or pledge a donation, we may collect:

  • Details of the gift
  • Your bank details, including any debit or credit card details
  • Gift Aid Declaration details.

If you visit our website it may also be possible to identify you from the website usage information we collect:

  • The internet address of your computer
  • Details of pages visited and files downloaded
  • Cookies stored on your computer (see ‘Website cookies’ below).

If you apply for a job with us, or join us as a volunteer for a trip or to serve at an event, we may collect additional information (see ‘Applying for a job or as a volunteer with us’ below).

We do not collect sensitive personal information unless there is a clear reason for doing so. We take additional steps to safeguard sensitive information, as necessary.

How we use your information

We may use your information to:

  • Send you resources or information you have requested
  • Provide you with news and information about us and our work, including any products and events which may be of interest to you
  • Ask for financial and non-financial support, such as volunteering or prayer
  • Provide a personalised service to you, such personalised communications or invitations to regional events
  • Manage your communication preferences
  • Keep a record of your relationship and correspondence with us
  • Administer your donations to us, including processing Gift Aid
  • Conduct research to aid our understanding of our supporters and their views, so we can provide a better service.
  • Analyse the use of and effectiveness of our website
  • Notify you about changes to our policies, including this privacy policy.

Additionally we may use your information to meet legal requirements or in an emergency to protect life (see ‘The legal basis for using your information’ below).

Using other information sources

In order to update information which may be inaccurate, to provide a better experience to supporters who may be able to make significant donations to our work, or to identify individuals who may wish to support our work in future, we may from time to time access publicly available information about you (for example, Companies House records, internet search engine results, and public postings on social media sites), or use trusted external providers to do this on our behalf more cost-effectively. We may use this information to personalise our communications, to issue invitations to events which may be of interest, and to ensure any requests for funds we make are appropriate and do not cause offence. You can opt out of this processing at any time (see ‘Updating your information and preferences’ below); if you do we will not retain any publicly sourced information about you which we have acquired for this purpose.

We may also access publicly available information to carry out due-diligence on donors to ensure we comply with money laundering regulations.

Applying for a job or as a volunteer with us

If you apply to work for us, or enquire about work with us, we may request additional information from you, for example on your application form or CV. This may include sensitive information (such as your religious beliefs). We may use this information to:

  • Support the recruitment and selection process
  • Take up references from third parties, and verify information you have provided
  • Use a trusted external provider (for example, a recruitment consultant) to assist us with services, for example to undertake psychometric evaluation or skills tests, or to undertake checks on criminal convictions.

If your application is unsuccessful for any reason, information provided during the application process will be deleted in accordance with best practice and legislation.

If you volunteer to travel with us or serve at an event, or enquire about such opportunities, we may request additional information from you. This may include sensitive information (such as health information). We may use this information to:

  • Provide a safe trip or event for you and others involved
  • Support the administration of the trip or event
  • Monitor the quality of the volunteering opportunity or trip provided

If you travel overseas with us, we may share information with our partners overseas to facilitate your trip. If this includes sensitive information we will let you know which information would be transferred and gain your consent for this.

How we store your information


It is important to us that any information we hold about you is safe. We seek to maintain a high level of security in relation to the collection, storage and disclosure of your information. For example, our computer network is protected and monitored.

We restrict access to your information only to those staff members whose job roles require such access and who have received suitable training in data protection and security.

We make limited use of trusted external providers to work on our behalf (see ‘When we share your information’ below). We only do this after making contractual arrangements with them to ensure your information is held securely and deleted when the task has been fulfilled. When we use external companies, we remain responsible for your information.

We do not store your credit or debit card details. These are handled securely by trusted payment processors. We may hold bank account details for the purpose of collecting direct debits in accordance with direct debit mandate rules.

Data retention

We keep your personal information only for as long as required for the relevant purpose and in accordance with legal requirements. For example, we will retain details of donations to meet tax and accounting requirements, but we will only hold sensitive medical information provided to participate in an overseas trip until the trip is completed. Where your information is no longer required, we ensure it is deleted or disposed of in a secure manner.

Legacies are an important way many supporters choose to give to us. We may retain limited information for longer periods to administer legacies, for example to demonstrate how long someone has supported us or to communicate with the families of those leaving legacies to us.

The legal basis for using your information

When we have your permission (‘Consent’)

If you ask us to do something for you, or if we have asked and you have given your permission, we will use your information for that purpose. For example, if you request information from us we will use your contact details to send it to you. You can withdraw your consent at any time (see ‘Updating your information and preferences’ below).

When our use is reasonable (‘Legitimate interest’)

We may use your information to serve you or to meet our charitable objectives, if necessary. We will do this only after considering your interests. We will not use your information in ways that a reasonable person would not expect in the circumstances. For example we may:

  • Thank you if you make a donation, and let you know how your gift has made a difference
  • Contact you about events, news, or resources which you may be interested in, based on your previous engagement with us
  • Ask you for financial or non-financial support, based on your previous engagement with us
  • Contact you with prayer requests, or pray for you by name
  • Check with you whether the information we hold about you is correct

You can amend your preferences at any time (see ‘Updating your information and preferences’ below).

When we are required to do this by law (‘Legal obligation’)

If required to do so, we would use your information to meet a statutory requirement or other legal obligation. For example, this might happen if we were compelled by a court order, or if we suspected that a serious offence such as money laundering was being committed.

In an emergency to protect someone’s life (‘Vital interest’)

In a critical situation we may need to disclose your information in order to protect someone’s life. For example, if you or your child travels overseas with us and require emergency medical care, we may share information with the emergency services if it is necessary in order to safeguard life.

When we share your information

Your privacy is important to us. We never share your information with other organisations for their marketing purposes.

In order to serve you better and to fulfil our charitable objectives efficiently, we use trusted external suppliers and may need to share information with them on a limited basis. For example:

  • In order to send our mailings to you, we may need to share your name and address with a mailing partner
  • In order to send our emails to you, we may need to share your name and email address with an email provider
  • In order to receive a donation from you, we may need to share your name, address, and bank details with a payment processor
  • In order to collect independent feedback from you on our performance, we may need to share your name and contact details with a research organisation
  • In order to reclaim Gift Aid on your gifts, we may need share your name, address and the values of gifts you have given with HMRC
  • In order to let one of our members know about a donation you have given for their support, we may need share your name, contact details and the values of gifts you have given with that member.

We share only the information necessary to fulfil the purpose, it may only be used by them for that reason, and must be deleted by them when no longer needed.

We may exceptionally need to share your information to comply with legal obligations or in an emergency situation (see ‘The legal basis for using your information’).

Website cookies

Like most websites, our website uses cookies. Cookies are small files stored by a website on your computer containing information about your visit to the website. They can be used, for example, to remember your preferences between visits or to count the number of people viewing the website.

We use cookies for some security features of our site, and also to enable us to process donations. We consider these essential.

We also use cookies, including from third party providers, to enhance your experience of our website, and to identify how the website is being used and where we can make improvements. Some pages may include embedded content from other providers (such as Youtube) and these may also store cookies. We consider these non-essential. When you first visit our site there will be a popup which gives you the choice of blocking non-essential cookies.

You can set your browser to disallow cookies, and can delete any cookies that are already on your computer. More information about how to do this can be found at

If you choose not to allow us to use cookies, or to delete any of our cookies, then we will not be able to take your visits into account when we analyse the usage of our website, and you may not be able to access all the features of our site such as our online donation system.

Updating your information and preferences

The accuracy of your information is important to us. We want to communicate with you in ways that you are happy with. We appreciate you letting us know when your details or preferences change.

To change how we communicate with you, or update the information we hold, please contact us:

  • Call us on: 0300 303 1111
  • Email us at:
  • Write to us at: Wycliffe Bible Translators, PO Box 1643, Oxford, OX4 9PB.

You can also use our website to manage your subscriptions.

Additionally, please let us know if you would like to:

  • Receive further information about how we use your data
  • Correct or remove information you think is inaccurate
  • Withdraw consent you have previously given
  • Request that we stop using information about you for certain purposes
  • Request a copy of the information we hold about you (‘Subject Access Request’)
  • Complain. We welcome complaints: when something goes wrong please tell us so we can improve our standards. See our Fundraising Complaints Procedure.

Changes to this policy

This policy was last updated on 24 May 2018. We may update this policy from time to time to take account of changes to our processes or to legislation. If we make any significant changes we will make this clear on our website and/or by contacting you directly.