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It’s not right that while some have access to the whole Bible in their language, others have nothing. For millions today, it’s as if God is silent.

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Expect to find out lots of things in Discover!

Our Discover events give you a taste of the powerful impact of Bible translation today, whether you’re just interested to know more or you are already keen to get involved. The events are free and everyone is welcome.

What should I expect?

We introduce you to the what, why and how of Bible translation: What exactly is it? Why is it so essential? And how is God using translated Scriptures around the world?

Discover the enormous variety of skills and expertise it takes for a people group to gain access to the Bible – you don’t need to be a translation expert to join the team. Discover what happens when people engage with the message of Jesus in their language for the first time. Hear stories of the incredible ways God is at work through the Bible around the world!

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Discover events are held at regular intervals at locations around the UK.

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