Want to pray for Bible translation but not sure where to start?

Words for Life

Our magazine Words for Life comes with a built-in prayer calendar and is a great prayer resource. Published three times a year, the prayer items are relevant for several months and are published alongside inspiring articles and informative stories. Sign up to receive it free in the post.


Goodybags are ready-to-use audio and video resources focused on an aspect or area of Bible translation. They're short, inspiring and flexible, including prayer items and presentations to inform your prayer times, whether you pray on your own or in a group. Browse the goodybags.

Praying for Missionaries is a great 15-page booklet based based on the Lord’s Prayer, written by Eddie Arthur, former director of Wycliffe Bible Translators. It is available for Kindle or as a PDF.


We also share regular prayers and news through Facebook and Twitter.

It’s not just our website that has helpful hints for praying. Have a look at these from partners and other prayer-passionate organisations.

  • The Wycliffe Global Alliance collates prayer information from Wycliffe organisations around the world. Search their prayer library by country, topic or language to find what you’re looking for
  • Joshua Project is a great source for information about people groups, including information about cultures, languages, Bible translation progress and the number of Christians in communities
  • Operation World has long been a key resource for anyone praying around the world. Visit the website to find information and prayers for every country in the world
  • 24-7 Prayer International coordinates a movement of churches and people who want to be part of praying all day, every day
  • For praying on the go, you can’t get much better than the user-friendly Prayermate App available for both iPhone and Android. You can use this app for everything you’re praying for personally, as well as for signing up to regular prayer feeds from churches, individuals and mission agencies

Feast or Crumbs

1:14 JAARS-Feast-or-Crumbs.mp4 (7Mb) - George Cowan, President Emeritus of Wycliffe USA, passionately explains why Bible translation is crucial for every remaining language group.