Words for Life is the Wycliffe magazine and prayer diary, which contains the latest stories and prayer requests from around the world.

In it you can read about how God changes people’s lives as Scripture becomes available in their own languages, explore all the places and cultures where Wycliffe works, and discover more about all the different aspects of the work of Bible translation – and the impact that work has in peoples’ lives.

‘Hearing what God is doing around the world really helps to give you a different perspective’ – Wycliffe mapping specialist Eva Horton


There is a community of people in the UK and Ireland who pray regularly for the work of Bible translation. Many of them use the daily prayer diary in Words for Life to guide their prayers, and we love to add our voices to theirs as we pray together as a staff team.

‘Just wanted to say how much I enjoy working through Words for Life. I may not pray exactly on the day you tell me to pray, but I get there! The entries are clear and fodder-providing. I particularly like the ones that include a bit of a Scripture.’ – Ian from Hampshire

We are so encouraged to hear how God answers prayers from previous editions and we love to praise him as we see different translation projects progressing and people growing in faith, beginning to follow Jesus and sharing the good news with those around them.


The latest edition

In this edition of Words for Life:

Find out how praying for and giving towards the work of Bible translation makes a huge difference for people all over the world today, and for generations to come.

Hear from Nigerian Bible translators Sunday (right) and Alaska about their passion for sharing the good news of Jesus with their people.

Read about what it’s like to raise children while working in Bible translation overseas.

And as always, you can find plenty of inspiration for your prayers in the daily prayer diary, as well as opportunities to encourage Bible translation teams with your own messages.

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