Inclusive education for a multilingual world

Participants from over 30 countries recently gathered at the 2019 Inclusion, Mobility, and Multilingual Education Conference to explore issues of language and development.

Food for thought

Taste and see that the Lord is good!

Five senses

We’re exploring how God communicates with us through all our senses.

What’s the best story you’ve ever heard?

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have a family storytelling time?

Experiencing Jesus through our senses

'They reacted spontaneously, making comments or affirmations, and conversed with the narrator.'

'Lord, teach us to pray'

Jo Constantine, a long-term Wycliffe supporter, writes about how God has been leading her deeper into ‘praying at all times in the Spirit’ (Ephesians 6:18).

The seafood-themed pulpit and why it works

If your church decided to build an elaborate new pulpit in the shape of a lobster, what would you think?

Equipping people to get the most out of God's word

Just translating the Bible into the local language isn’t the end of the story – people also need to be equipped to engage with and apply Scripture to their daily lives.

Urgent prayer alert – Cameroon

Continue to pray for the Cameroon crisis! A mishandled political problem has turned into a full-blown war. Between 160.000 to 200.000 people are displaced.*

Words for Life out now!

Have you heard of trauma healing workshops? Learn more about one of our valuable ministries in the latest issue of Words for Life!

LEGO The Passion of the Christ

You have heard the Easter story before, but you haven't seen it told like this!

More than words

A simple misunderstanding, which was thankfully discovered through community testing!

How do you face the mountains in your life?

When you’re facing a difficult situation, where do you turn? The Kanu people in the Philippines turned to God’s word and it made all the difference.

God will find a way