The Ndut Recording Project seeks to reach around 47,000 Ndut people in Senegal with songs and stories from the Bible in their heart language. Since the Ndut translation project began in 1992, nearly all of the New Testament has been translated, and the team is now seeking to translate and record sections of the Old Testament in the Ndut language. They are also recording Scripture-based songs.

Fact file

  • Country: Senegal
  • Impact: working with local translators to record sections of the Old Testament to reach Ndut people with God’s word
  • Start date: 1992
  • Projected end date: 2021
  • Funds still needed: all funds have now been raised for this project, but prayer partners are still vitally needed
Ndut recording session
An Ndut recording session in progress

The Ndut are an agricultural people numbering around 47,000, originally living in 23 villages northwest of Thiès, Senegal, near the coast. They grow millet, corn and beans, as well as a variety of fruit trees.

Due to increased desertification and water scarcity in the country, many Ndut have moved to the capital, Dakar, to try to find work in other occupations, such as teaching, carpentry, masonry, mechanics and domestic work. Although the Ndut have traditionally lived in mud-brick houses clustered together in enclosed compounds, these days most homes are constructed using modern cement blocks.

Ndut women singers
Ndut women practising recording Scripture songs based on Acts, James, and 1 and 2 Thessalonians

The Ndut are 30% Catholic and 70% Muslim. There are currently no Protestant missions or churches actively seeking to reach the Ndut. The Catholic church has been supportive of the Bible-translation efforts, and to date 90% of the New Testament has been drafted, with around 70% checked by a consultant. It is expected that the launch date for the New Testament will be in 2021.

Project goals:

  • studio editing of Scripture-based songs written in recent workshops
  • recording a multi-voice dramatised version of Jonah and Ruth for distribution with the Scripture songs
  • producing booklets of Jonah and Ruth to be sold with the recordings
  • recording a multi-voice dramatised version of Exodus and distributing the recording with accompanying songs
  • producing SD cards of Exodus, Jonah and Ruth recordings.

The Ndut Scripture recordings that had been made to date have been distributed on SD cards, as well as being broadcast on local radio, and have proved very popular. Now, Ndut speakers are particularly keen to have Jonah and Ruth recorded.

We hope that the word of God in the Ndut language will speak to the Ndut in their hearts, transforming their lives and drawing them into a living relationship with their Creator.


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