Our vision

Wycliffe Bible Translators' vision is that all peoples will discover the Bible for themselves in a language they fully understand.

They've waited long enough for God's word in their language!

Over 1,800 of the world's 6,900 languages do not have even one verse of God's word.

Millions of people still wait for a translation of the Scriptures. And while these people wait, they are cut off from fully understanding God's love and God's ways.

  • Church planters can't effectively share the gospel and disciple new Christians without God's word.
  • Christian radio can't broadcast Scripture into remote areas unless it has been translated.
  • Evangelism, training, worship—all ministries are hampered unless people have a Bible they can really understand.

The Job Before Us

Today, 2,932 languages have some Scriptures or the entire Bible. Over 2,267 Bible translation projects are in progress worldwide, around 78% of which have Wycliffe Global Alliance involvement. However there are around 1,800 additional language groups representing 180 million people for whom no translation is underway, and they are still waiting for Scripture that speaks to their hearts.

It's time to change the pace. They've waited long enough! Our vision is a bold call to action and commitment; and it requires creative ways of working and a willingness to take risks.

There are several key aspects to our vision :

  • Partnerships: Working in unity with other organisations to do the job together.
  • Training: Equipping Wycliffe's staff with the skills to equip others.
  • Urgency: Getting the task done more quickly than the status quo will permit.
  • Vision-sharing: Motivating God's church everywhere -- at home and elsewhere -- to further Bible translation.
  • Sustainability: Establishing translation projects that continue beyond Wycliffe's involvement.

Our attitude... 'is an attitude that says, "We are ready to be servants in His hands to serve the nations of the world with His word. We are ready to change in whatever way He wants us to change..." ' - Dr John Watters, former Executive Director of Wycliffe Global Alliance

A Vision For You

Our vision can be your vision too. Discover how you can get involved through Wycliffe and help make our vision a reality. You can give now securely online.